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Woman’s stair renovation reveal is unexpectedly bringing people to tears

A woman is sharing a video explaining how she refinished her stairs, and people are not prepared for the emotions that come with the big reno reveal.

The video from Shari Blivin on TikTok starts off like an average home improvement video, panning up a wooden staircase that has some clear wear and tear as she explains how badly the steps needed refinishing. Several of the steps have partially worn-away finish, but one step looks particularly weathered.

That step, she explains, was the Blivin’s dog’s favorite spot, and suddenly this average home reno video takes a tear-jerking turn.

​The video shows Max, a big floofy white lab, lying on the step as Blivin shares that that was his step. He would even sleep there.

“And last year, on this day, last year, in that very spot, he put his head on my lap and went to forever sleep,” Blivin shared.

So while she did paint the previously stained steps black, which she says she loves, she did something extra special for Max’s step. Watch:


I refinsihed my stairs… i oainted the steps black. But there was one step i could NOT paint over. One year ago today, my dog Max, passed away. He out his bead on my lap and went to forever sleep. He loved hos step. He even slept on it. Haha so i made it a forever tribute to him. The bestest dog, ever.

What a beautiful tribute to a beloved family members who will now forever be memorialized in his favorite spot.

You can find more from Shari Blivin on TikTok here.

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